Stripes Are My New Thing

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Where has the pink gone??? It’s official my pink theme is no longer… I know sad little cry moment… I decided I wanted something different, more unique and something that is my own. I tried different styles and filters and have settled on one which I love. It will allow my to be more creative and not be restricted to what I post and I can make my blog and Instagram a bit more personal now. WHOOP WHOOP!
As a fashion student I also thought that I should start including more fashion in my blog because really that is ‘what I want to do when I am older’ – legit hate that phrase so much!! So yesterday, my friends Bailey, Matt and I went to Plymouth for a little wonder and to capture some random pics for my blog… thank you for the photos Matt!
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
I want to talk about \\ STRIPES //. For a long while now they have been very trendy and to me look very ‘tumblr’. Lots of other bloggers have been mentioning stripes e.g. Poppy Deyes, and it did inspire me to add some to my wardrobe. I am not a fan of tops or dresses with excessive embellishments, even though that is coming into trendy for Autumn, it is OK not to like glitzy things. Stripes for me add something to an outfit to make it bolder, but without all the sequins or pompoms.
I want to mention — THIS — top from Boohoo which is striped with a bell sleeve on it. Even though there is a stigma around horizontal stripes and them making your appearance look wider, I still love the monochromatic vibe because black can actually make you appear slimmer. I am OBSESSED with the bell sleeve on it as it makes the top unique and its taking a modern approach to an 80s flared sleeve. Yes, it is a jumper and yes, it is August but I am getting true Autumn vibes at the moment.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
My — SHOES — from New Look I honestly can’t stop wearing at the moment. Everywhere I go I wear these shoes and it feels like I have actually forgotten all my other shoes I own. They have a faint black snake skin print on them and they aren’t made out of canvas – which because I work behind a bar is essential as I can just wipe any stains off. But they are also super comfy and go with EVERYTHING!
The only black bag I actually own – SHOCK I know – is this cute little rucksack which I got from Boohoo sometime last year so is no longer available *sobs a little*. But it went really well with my outfit and it has lots of pockets to keep my SD cards in or my phone etc… But not forgetting the penny board – which Bailey bought along – and just so happened to match my outfit really well. The photos make me look like I am a PRO at it but obvs I fell off within five seconds of going on it….
Do you like wearing stripes? 
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61 responses to “Stripes Are My New Thing”

  1. ATypicalLife says:

    I’ve bought so many stripey things recently it’s crazy! Great post x

  2. A good stripey top is a must in my wardrobe as well and somehow I keep buying new ones that I don’r necessarily need! I love your pictures also, you look so professional on the board, I would not be able to even stand on it haha take care xx

  3. i’m not the biggest fan of patterns, but when i do wear a pattern, rest assured it’s stripes !

  4. Such a cute top! xx, Britta & Carli from http://twinspiration.co/

  5. makeuparmor says:

    I can’t get enough of stripes! Love how you styled it! 💖💖

  6. alliesnoelle says:

    The sleeves on this top are AMAZING. Stripes are an absolute wardrobe staple for me! xx

  7. Natalie Vinh says:

    I love these pictures, this top and your new logo!

  8. Hey I loved your outfit. You say stripes are in? That’s fine with me I’ve always been a fan of stripes, sad however to wave goodbye to the pink trend.

  9. That outfit is goals

  10. Reema says:

    Awesome clicks! I like the stripes too!! But what I loved the most are your shoes! They so cute and perfect! You have just paired entire outfit so well! With those apt descriptions and beautiful pictures .. makes it a perfect post!!! 🙂

  11. zaynab says:

    I love the top and shoe.💜

  12. gingersnapps says:

    I love stripes! I’ve not got anything that is black and white but I own so many navy and white stripey tops! X

  13. You look amazing!! The photos are gorgeous! xx

  14. InYourFace says:

    I love love this post! Its so chic and classy! I just bought a red and white striped top from NEW LOOK yesterday xxx

  15. Love the stripes and the photos are beautiful! 🙂

  16. Tabi Bee says:

    I’m loving the stripes!! Also this photography is actual goals <3 <3

  17. Nicole says:

    I love wearing stripes! In fact, I am wearing stripes at this very moment in time. I like the look of them and find them really easy to work into my wardrobe, so I’m a big fan.

  18. I love your top!

  19. suhkyuhluhnt says:

    Gorgeous photos. May I ask what do you use to edit them?
    Please check out my blog | suhkyuhluhnt.wordpress.com

  20. bitzishere says:

    I love your shirt!

  21. shaztait says:

    LOVE! X

  22. Anonymous says:

    Stripes are my fav! Love this post!

  23. tamsinsview says:

    You look so nice in stripes! Defo need to make some more stripy purchases and look into the shoes from new look- I LOVE THEM! Xx

  24. NocturnalJen says:

    Stripes are awesome, I have way too many striped tops haha xx

  25. lebanesechic says:

    almost everything in my closet has stripes on it lol

  26. Emily says:

    I love this post! I am literally living in stripes at the moment, and Poppy Deyes inspires my fashion too… p.s. I live in plymouth, woo!

  27. amaranto es says:

    I hump it is but you cook it flavour so adept Stripes are awful, I give agency too many striped tops haha xx

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