How To Rock A Trench Coat

I always really struggle to find a jacket that will suit me all year around because in the Winter you want something that will keep you warm and that you can layer up and in the Summer you want something that is light and is still stylish. To me a classic trench coat is perfect. I feel like trench coats are a staple in British fashion collections as they look like clothing warn in Sherlock Holmes, however loads of celebs are seen wearing them throughout the whole year.
I have teamed up with Jack Wills, to give you the run down on how to rock a women’s trench coat and if you want even more style advice and info then check out Jack Wills’ post on how to style a trench coat. I actually went out and got myself on of Jack Wills’ trench coats because they are gorgeous and I got the Dolly Swing Trench Coat in Pale Blue. The fabric is so nice and soft and I love how it has a bit of a shape to it.

Casually Undone

This for me is my favvvve look because you can wear a causal tee and some jeans but then you can dress your outfit up with the trench coat. This is such a classy look I can’t get over it. Because trench coats are so versatile you could loosely wrap the belt around your waist, grab your best leather bag and get on with your day.

Wear it in the office

If you are in an urgent need to revamp your wardrobe then by adding a trench coat you can really change your style. By adding the classic tanned trench coat to your office wardrobe and styling it with a black on black outfit you will be turning heads.

Add a pop of colour

Wartime trench coats might be a classic, however adding a pop of colour isn’t a bad thing. With this the last thing you put on is the first one to catch the eye. Wear subtle or plain items underneath for all the attention to be focused on your coat.

Club Vibes

Trench coats don’t just have to be worn during the day and you can take them on your night-time adventures too. Slip them over your best clubbing outfits (I recommend a classic LBD) and then grab your purse. You will never not know what to wear again!

Summer Lovin’ 

If we by some miracle get any good days over the summer a light trench coat, followed with a denim skirt is perfect for all you beach lovers because when it gets darker and your are around the fire then it is perfect to wrap around your shoulders.
I want to say thank you to my gorgeous friend Milly for taking these shots of me when we went into town shopping today.
Have you got a trench coat?
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